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An Unexpected Adventure


I never did get to write about my 2nd US tour last Christmas. After the announcement, it was difficult for me to even look at my pics or my videos for a while. It wasn’t until we knew he was coming to Manila that I could edit some pics.  (To this day, tho, I do not watch the announcement video). But we got so busy during David’s stay here that the MKOC tour was pushed to the back.  Now that it is Christmas once again, and we are all missing David, I was browsing thru my files and saw that I have not released my pics from the Deseret signing.   I think now is a good time to post them and to tell about an unexpected adventure….. ( I just watched The Hobbit, so references to it may abound, lol).  I have read of so many stories of Archies about their adventures during a David concert.  Little did I know that I would have one, too.   Although I watched shows from Santa Rosa to Salt Lake City, let me be like Tolkien and write about….


I woke up to a beautiful morning. Sleeping in a bed fit for a princess, it was difficult to leave the cushy pillows and blanket in Doc Cathy’s guestroom that @janey can attest to be even better than a five-star hotel suite! Only something really better than this comfy feeling could get me out of bed. Well, what could be better than getting to meet David again, and of course, to hear him sing! So, off the blankets came! A rush of cool air had me shivering a bit, but a hot shower got my blood circulating again. Since we didn’t have to leave until noonish, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with 2 bowls of oatmeal and a cup of coffee, sitting in front of our computers on opposite sides of the table, me with curlers in my hair, and doc in her robe ( i think she had a curler too), each concentrating on our screens, uploading/editing pics and videos from the Nokia and Ventura concert. We weren’t talking with each other, but we were totally in sync! I would email or tweet a pic that she needs for her update on AFS without her telling me and she would mention and she would mention something that I was just thinking about! It was funny.

Soon we had to leave. Bundled up in warm coats and mufflers and hats, with our cellphones, cameras, batteries, Ipad, AND FOOD, we set off for the book signing venue which Doc said was just about an hour away!  But like it happens in any place in the world, when you have an important place to go to, traffic rises up to make sure you don’t get there! Even the shortcuts that Doc knew were  less travelled  were also backed up with traffic! I think we crissed and crossed  every freeway/highway there is in LA that day!

Cathy described it as  going around in circles and  getting stuck at stop lights and constructions sites all over Torrance CA!  We went on  110 freeway to 91 freeway, to Interstate 5, and  even passed by DisneyLand! To me it felt as if there were  freeways numbered 92, 93, 94 …etc..until 110   and  we went on all of them! It felt like I was in Manila, which supposedly is the traffic capital of the world!  After almost 2 hours on the road, we finally  arrived in Santa Ana for the book signing!

The site of a long winding line outside the store brought a sigh of relief from us – it wasn’t over! Whew! With a speed that was faster than our speed on the road, our rested legs walked hurriedly to the end of the line.  Excitement and anxiety was building up-  to see David again, to  get his autograph, to talk to h….uh…. “line is closed”!…. a burly Deseret staffer succintly told us ( she was burly, wasn’t she, Cathy?) Cathy and I looked at each – It’s like we hit another road block! But this time it was more of a dead end because we had no where else to go! We were speechless.  I guess we were both sticklers for protocol because we did not even plead our case…well, maybe a squeak. Cathy said I came all the way from Manila…but Sgt Burly wouldn’t budge! She said we could go up front and watch David as he signed, talked and laughed with everyone….but not with us! Wouldn’t that make us jealous? Anyway, we would take whatever we could. So we plopped ourselves behind the barricade about 6 feet in front of David.  It turned out to be the best seat in the house. ((((Thank you Sgt. Burly! ))))

If you have ever wondered how David would look like in a boardroom ( was that you, Marc?), maybe  this is the closest we will probably come to seeing that for now

collage 5

Watching David in action, the different expressions on his face, the getures of his hands, the constant smile on his face, the laughter in his voice – is better than a 3 hr movie of saving Middle Earth! lol

collage 1

collage 2

collage 3

and that SMILE


I could have stayed there the whole day..and we almost did… because the line didn’t seem to be ending.  Sgt Burly wasnt standing at the end of the line and people kept lining up. Cathy and I decide to fall in line, too. I guess David missed seeing us in front and looked for us…and found us.. standing outside the window looking in on him

if you can see me in this picture, you get a hug from me when we meet

if you can see me in this picture, you get a hug from me when we meet

can you see Cathy?

can you see Cathy?

When we finally got to the front, we confused David by askin him to sign out to Doc Naree and Doc Cathy.  He started writing both our names on 1 pic..we screamed at him NO! Well, we really didn’t scream at him, but we startled him, and he stopped just in time before writing Cathy’s name on my pic!  Sorry, David. I cannot remember what else he said (do you Cathy?), I just remember his laugh. It makes you  happy, puts butterflies in your tummy and lifts you in the’s like zero gravity!  He was there for a few minutes more, then he got up and left with a friendly goodbye and  “See you at the show”!

Here are the links to my pics from the book signing

Part 1 –!i=1646180515&k=JrLmdjx

Part 2 –!i=1651837693&k=sF3Nnnd

We had a couple of hours to kill before the concert, so Cathy and I went to eat some hotdogs,  and while Cathy updated AFS, I checked on my bid for the pencil drawn Elle picture of David. and found out I won!   Everything seemed to going right again!

We then got back on interstate 5 and made our wave to The Grove, Anaheim. Our trip was uneventful.  At the VIP we confused David even more.  First, when i went up to David for a picture, I held out my hand to him and asked him to teach me to dance the salsa! There was a panic look on his face and he says  “aww, but i am not a very good teacher  and i don’t know if you could call it  Salsa and he can’t really dance!”   I wanted to say I’ve seen you dance with your mom but he had this panicked look on his face and i was afraid he would run away, so I said maybe nextime?  Maybe when he comes back from Chile, he won’t be so shy to dance anymore! After me came Cathy.  Since it was her last concert, Cathy  wanted a pic of both of us with David. She called me to join her with David, and as we approached David  he said “The Docs!” Cathy said  “We are a paradox” (pair of docs, get it?)…for an instant I saw a “huh?” expression on his face!  But it all disappeared in a second  and we all smiled for our pic.

aren't we cute?.....

aren’t we cute?…..

At the VIP he sang

Man in the mirror –  I would love to here him sing the complete song one day.

Mary did you know –  Before he sang this, Kari came on stage to say that the people outside were waiting to come in for dinner and he had to end soon. David says.. oh.. “what about MY people” … and then starts laughing and couldn’t start singing..coz they “ruined to mood” !!!  He was supposed to do one more song, but becaue The People  were waiting, he had to leave. Boohoo.

VIP done, it was concert time.  He was his usual epic self at the concert.  Not much to say about it except…. “eeeek!  OMGGG!!!!wooooh!!!!  awww!!!! Davviiiiiiid!!!! I love you Davidddd!!!!! I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Listen for yourselves … here are my videos from that concert ( I didn’t take pics during the concert coz I took videos)

Sleigh Ride

Melodies of Christmas

This Christmas

Have yourself A Merry Christmas

Climb Every Mountain

riu Riu Chiu

Silent Night

O Holy Night

I need a Silent Night

Fa la la la la  with Ella

Little Drummer Boy

You would think after pouring out our souls and losing our voice, we would have had enough.  But no!  We had to wait at the buses until David come out!  Although it was dark and cold,  there was warmth from being with fellow archies  from everywhere. I met  @kaleisluvshawaii  from Hawaii and @boo_radleigh from Malaysia.  David came out around 11 pm and walked down the line, signing autographs and taking pics. @boo_radleigh took a pic of me and D and I had my photoalbum signed. Then it was goodbye David.  As the bus left, a collective feeling of happiness was felt all around.

Now it was time to go home, or so we thought! But like Bilbo’s adventure, something new always come up. There were 2 college students  from Loyal Marymount College who came to the concert.  From their college they walked to LAX to get the bus to  Disneyland then from there they walked to The Grove.  OMG, I can’t remember their names! Now don’t think they weren’t interesting ,  it is a sign of old a…uh, I mean , it is a sign of a full brain..from too much studying ! LOL.  Anyway, they didnt expect the show to end  so late and that they would wait at the buses, too.  There were no busesn or taxis that they could take them back. Doc Cathy comes to the rescue! She offered to bring them back to their college   This is just an example of how Archies help each other!  I didnt know at the time that it was a little out of our way ..well,  it was  really  a lot out of our way!   It added almost 40 mins to our trip home!  Ah,  my admiration of Cathy  went up 10 notches!  We got home around 1 am!  It was dark and  quiet … not a creature was stirring, not even a cat! (Doc Cathy has a humongous cat that lords over the place, lol).  After a long day, the stillness was a welcome respite. Little did I know that it was the calm before the storm for I would be going to  Salt Lake City the next day, and we all know what happened there. But until that time, I was looking forward to getting back  into my bed with soft pillows and smooth warm blanket and dream of David teaching me the salsa!


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